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It has been some time since writing in this blog. I simply had no desire to research and write about anything. Since my last post I have discovered how much I am destined to be a fine artist. It’s simply inevitable. Though… I am not here to simply be another artist. I am to reinvent the idea of artist, of being a female artist, of art, and of general human potential. My art is positive and integrative, benefits everyone around me, and has a powerful inspiring energy to those who experience it. My art and what I say about it is very real. My career has a foundation built on truth, and dedication to higher motives. 

I liken the idea of the artist as that of a sort of a magical transcendent being. Not as a train-wreck egoist, but rather a sort of a white witch. Someone who is creative, true and on the cultural forefront in a very real way. Someone like Jasmuheen. She is not an artist but she is a wonderful being who expands our ideas of human potential. 


I think that artists are magicians. They expand minds, inspire, make the world an interesting place by reflecting it in different forms, and by creating new forms and ideas and playing with and integrating different energies. I think that artists are like wombs… within them they hold that sacred creative incubator that births new forms. Creation comes from the zero-point which is the undifferentiated source of everything. It is the “Nothing” from which all the “somethings” come. I think that there are no real limits, and it is the job of the artist to break the illusions of limits and stir the people’s imagination to expand their limited beliefs. 

Therefore, that is my vision and my present.


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Cherry monomealing

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Still raw vegan. Still loving it. Still going for it.

Right now I’m trying out mono meals, which is basically consuming a meal composed of the same one fruit or vegetable. For example, today I ate two bowls of cherries for breakfast. I’m really full right now. The idea with monomeals is that your body gets to have an easy time digesting food because it is all one thing, there are no weird combinations or mixtures to sort out. Its simple.

Mmm… cherries are definitely one of my favourite fruits. They’re up there with bananas, raspberries and grapefruit.

Did you know that cherries contain something called “anthocyanins” which gives them their red colour! From tests done on rats, scientists found that the rats fed cherries wouldn’t gain as much weight as the other rats, and had lower levels of cholesterol and certain levels of things that lead to heart disease and diabetes. Also, cherries can relieve pain and inflammation in the body. Cherries are the best.



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Hello readers of my blog, today is a music post.


Today I bought the new Lady Gaga album, “Born This Way”. I got the 2-disc version because it has an extra CD of a couple of remixes. The first couple of songs, Judas, Americano, Born This Way, Hair, Shieze were instant hits but then when it played down the list it eventually got tiring. I didn’t particularly enjoy the Madonna vogue sort of pop thing and the repetitive 80’s synth sort of I think, really I don’t know my pop music history that well, so forgive me if I mean totally something different than what I write here. She came out with 17 new songs on this album and it was a lot to take. On the plus side, you get your bang for your buck right? Although I think there should be less, less can be more; many songs just blend in and are too generic and aren’t all that memorable. But, overall I have to say that she delivered. For me the highlights were Shieze, Hair, Judas. I think I need to listen to the whole thing again a couple more times so maybe I’ll get to love some more songs.

I am pretty sure that many of these songs are much better sounding acoustically and/or live with her wonderful presence there rather than the studio versions. For example, I listened to Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say) from her first album and I didn’t get it, but then I watched a video of her performing the song live, with a different beat and sound and it suddenly made total sense. Gaga seems better live/acoustic. Too much tinkering and special effects to a song and it looses its charm.

She is brilliant, there’s nothing negative I can say about this woman.


The best band ever. God why do I love them so much?? I saw them live last year and I swear the energy is overwhelming. Its like every sound is put in its perfect place precisely crafted to excellence.


A new noise dance duo from Vancouver. Also amazing energy live. The sounds that come out of these girls are so cool. They’re Le Tigre on steroids. Check it out:


The best. period.


The bands above I like because of their music and presence.

Turns out I like some bands only for their presence or concept and not their music. Like: Einstürzende Neubauten, AIDS Wolf, Atari Teenage Riot. There are some songs I like from these bands but not too many. Blixa of E. N. is gorgeous, Chloe Lum from AIDS scares me, ATR are pure violence and energy. Ok, Die Antwoord, you have the coolest style ever, and when I watch your videos I’m always like wtf??? : &❤❤❤.

It’s like presence is another instrument to be learned how to play. And it really really is I know that from my busking days. You can have a virtuoso incredible musician playing and if there is lack of presence, the audience will get bored. The energy just has to be there.

The best combination ofcourse is good music and presence. Because that way seeing them live AND listening to them at home is a good experience.

I’d like to think that music can be conceptual though. I mean that it doesn’t necessarily have to want to be listenable or pleasant to the ears in any way. That may not be the goal of it. It can be more way more. Just like conceptual art. Some people don’t get it. How could a urinal put in a gallery be considered great art??? It’s not pleasant to look at, its not something you would hang on your wall typically, it doesn’t take any skill to conceive, in fact it requires no artistic craftsmanship whatsoever. Music should be open to be conceptual as well. And it is. Think of punk music, noise, minimalist music?? and most importantly, (drum roll please) think John Cage.

Thank you Mr. Cage and thank you Mr. Duchamp, us contemporary artists are infinitely indebted to you for opening the doors. Thank you.

Dolphin Bubble Rings

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Dolphins are amazing.

Kate Middleton

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With all of the royal wedding excitement worldwide I feel like I should write about my view on this whole ordeal.

I love Kate Middleton. I think that Kate Middleton is a wonderful inspiration and role model to the whole world, especially to women. Here is this famous intelligent, radiant, elegant woman who exudes real confidence and self-respect, yet she is not overbearing. She is such a refreshment from the sea of hyper-sexed, drugged up, fake celebrities. Her smile is genuine, she always looks gorgeous but very classy, with high self-respect that makes it look like Prince William is the one who is lucky to be with her rather than vice versa. I like her a lot and I wish her to never stop smiling and looking radiant for all that is to come in her life. She actually looks like she loves Prince William and isn’t in it just for all the other perks; she seems to actually care, and that for any girl in her situation, is a big deal. They just looked so great today on TV, I am very happy for them.

Raw Vegan 4 weeks

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Alright here is a serious new post. I was not sure of what to write about for a while because all of my previous interests have dimmed. I am obsessed with one thing though, I kind of fell into it without knowing how it will change my life, as are all important decisions in life. Raw Veganism. I have had my ups and downs with it, and have learned lots about my body and self. It has been about 4 and a half weeks now. A great thing I learned is how much the Internet plays a role in this. The Internet is just what the world was asking for: we have instant information on anything and communication with anyone. Its incredible. There is just so much information especially on the New Thought movement, Raw Veganism, you know… this is the New Age. I firmly believe that the next step of evolution, if we are going to go along with Darwin’s theory, is veganism, then raw veganism, fruitarianism and then breatharianism. We are coming further away from our animal selves and closer to the angels. We are advancing, purifying and bringing light back to the world.

I have noticed how when I feel a little bit less than perfectly satisfied, I want to reach for the bread, for the sugar, the coffee, for the processed food to make me happy. Food cravings are so psychological, its like a baby reaching for its mother for love and comfort when in a state of despair or confusion. On a raw vegan diet there are no such comforts; I have to actually feel and deal with the feelings welling up in me, I can’t numb them with chocolate or cheese. Ofcourse sleep, meditation, and exercise help LOTS in this. Thank god.

I have turned away from gourmet and badly combined raw vegan foods as well and not planning on getting on a dehydrator simply because it wont help me in getting off the addiction. As rich and satisfying special and complicated raw foods are, they upset my whole body, and are counter-productive in weaning myself off of comfort food. My diet right now is mostly fruits, one salad a day, herbal tea, and a tiny amount of nuts if any. Initially I was heavy on the nuts, but I have noticed that they are addicting and do upset my body when eaten in large quiantities. If anything, my comfort food is bananas. Bananas are just so wonderful. You see I still have a way to go to not be addicted to food. Food brings me love.

The banana is the raw vegan chocolate bar.

So what are the changes that came about from becoming raw vegan? My skin has become really smooth and clear, my nails have become really strong, my hair thick, my body has become more sensitive although I am very calm and not very emotionally reactive to the world around me, I have less fear, I judge less, I am a better person. There hasn’t been much weight loss, I think just 5 pounds, but I might be wrong, I never used to weigh myself before. I do get bloated and go to the bathroom lots, but I think this is part of the process, or the diet. On the whole, there really is no going back, only forward on to organic produce, fruitarianism, water fasting, liquidarianism etc… to keep cleaning my body and mind.

This is all very interesting. There are strange people out there that claim to be breatharian… Like Wiley Brooks.


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