C++ ramblings and Mark Zuckerberg

I am still learning C++ and it is getting HARD!!! I went through the basics easily, one by one, but now I got to the object-oriented part and its getting so complicated. No wonder C++ is known to be one of the hardest languages to learn! Its HARD!!!

Now now… I don’t have any goals in becoming a hard-core programmer sitting for hours and hours so I can relax a bit, I just want a good grounding in C++ for the languages I need to use for school: Processing and Arduino. Both are some sort of derivation of C or C++, so it makes sense to me to get a good base understanding in it.

I am so happy I learned all of this, now I am so ready to much easily program micro-controllers and have a much better ability and flexibility to create the projects that I have in mind!!! Its like wanting to write a book: if you don’t know a language to write it in, its kind of hard to write a good book. You can get some one else to do it for you, but that is totally different, and there is less control in that.


What I learned after about 2 weeks of learning C++:

– Anyone can learn a programming language, its not that hard if you have the patience and desire

– Take everything step by step, building on the basics, and growing your understanding more and more, don’t jump in to the hard stuff right away, it might scare you

And while we are speaking of computer programmers, I want to profile an extraordinary individual by the name of Mark Zuckerberg.

Mark Zuckerberg is the  co-founder and CEO of Facebook. Him and his room-mates and friends created the social-networking monster while still in college (Harvard). There was no ambitious plan for the creation of this company, and not even the desire to become what it is now. In fact, he would create programs just for fun. This thing just happened somehow, organically. One thing came after the other, and then one day hello! Zuckerberg becomes a billionaire at age 23?? was it?

If you have seen ‘A Social Network’, you know that Zuckerberg is portrayed as anti-social outcast without any friends who built Facebook out of jealousy of his friend joining a fraternity that he wasn’t invited into and/or a break up with a girlfriend. This is purely fiction. Mark Zuckerberg has emotional intelligence, and had lots of friends which he discussed all of these ideas with back in the Harvard days and who co-founded the program with him. And he does have a girlfriend.

I love how casual  him and his girl-friend Priscilla Chan look in this photo. They so don’t look famous. Its soooo great.

He took both computer science and psychology in college, which to many would seem like a strange and unlikely pair, but today makes total sense knowing what became of him.

The goal of Facebook is to connect people together, and that is why it has taken over the world – everyone wants to be connected to their friends and family. Facebook is built in such a way so that it has the capacity to really take over the world, making it the standard networking site for everyone, reaching to all parts of the globe so that we are all connected. Sure there are cons to Facebook one of which is being ‘superficially’ connected to people, but there are pro’s too like ‘being able to share photos and links and messages with many people at once easily’.  The other pro of Facebook is the interactivity. It is interactive because you can give and receive feedback, so it is a two-way interaction unlike say a website where your only way of response is to send an email to whoever owns the site. It is unlike the mass media that is circulating and omni-present in our society where the information is given but we cannot actually respond.

I have no idea where Facebook will be in 2 years, 5 years, or even 10 years, but all we can see right now is that it is growing with no signs of slowing down.

8 Responses to “C++ ramblings and Mark Zuckerberg”

  1. aside from misuse of pronouns, this article is refreshing since it seems in keeping with zuckerberg himself. I iam a 69 year old ex-co-chair of a univ. English dept. While I still feel 18, I am not, so thanks C++. Mark, no matter what, I am on your side. Keep on being true to yourself.

  2. hello mark i just watched the film ‘social network’ and thought it was good i don’t know if it was all true but i think your a genius wondering if you actually did screw your best friend over although he did get a share of what you made, also i would like to make a website of my own but i just dont know what kind of technology i need to do so. Please could you get back to me as i wanna be like you thankyou.
    P.s could you add me on facebook please cannot find you anywhere.
    Adam Potter

  3. Hey Adam!

    I program in C/C++ and a lot of other programming languages a lot of years ago.

    Now, I am programming a new social network.

    Add me in FB if you want: Search me for: sergi7885

  4. blair duncan Says:

    Was facebook actually written in C++ or was there a mix of coding

  5. no facebook was written in php, and its converted into C++ code with HipHop

  6. there is very goog😉

  7. Bertram Plesha Says:

    Whether you are familiar with Mark Zuckerberg depends to a considerable extent on your age and Internet savvy. The greater the one, the less the other, the more this soon to be iconic name will be unknown… and that, of course, means you’re the oldest of fogies… and must instantly make amends. I intend to make that very easy for you.Zuckerberg was born on May 14, 1984 in a “Leave It to Beaver” town with the quintessential name of Dobbs Ferry, New York. His life consisted of the very best and most appealing of what suburban life in the Great Republic offers; his father a dentist, his mother (before the birth of her four children), a psychiatrist. His was a loving, close-knit family that valued the most important thing of all: education, and made sure Mark got the best…

    Remember to find out more about our new online site

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